"Fake universities are so real, we are beyond fake."
The Pirate School, designed to be approximately equidistant from the Wissenschaftsakademie Berlin and The Public School, is a non-proprietary educational institution, established in Berlin in 2020. It offers courses, degrees, and assorted academic services.

Due to "the current situation", the Pirate School is temporarily closed. Our seminar "Programming for Non-Programmers" continues by appointment, our series "Technologies" still operates in a monthly cycle, and our online archives and libraries will remain open to the public.

Applications for 2021/22 - both for student and teaching positions - are open. In case you're interested in learning or teaching something at our school, or both, please send us a formless e-mail. More information about ongoing and new research programs will be available shortly.

The Pirate School is loosely associated, but otherwise unaffiliated with, Neue Unterversität Berlin, Partner gegen Berlin and Pirate Cinema Berlin.
The Pirate School, Skalitzer Str. 134 A-F, 10999 Berlin
ps.nu-berlin.de, ps@nu-berlin.de